Tips To Find Killer Content Ideas For Free Using Google Search

Coming up with few good post is a talent, but keeping it consistent is an art, and art is a difficult thing. Although, you have a luxury of paid tools, what if you have a tight budget? Quite frankly, you’ll be wasting your money on paid tools without making use of Google’s free tools. With a little effort and patience, you’ll have a large number of content ideas. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Headline Is Primarily Important

Before you click “publish” button, read that headline again and determine if it is really going to attract people. The headline of your article must have search engines follow it, because search engines try to give close to what users type in their address bar. Learn how to write magnetic headlines with ease.

According to the study conducted by Outbrain on the performance of headline in terms of character length, those lying between 81 and 100 characters have maximum engagement. The study also shows, you should keep the character length within 61 – 120 characters to get better engagement.

  1. Finding “Idea” Is Finding A “Good Headline”

Finding a good headline involves research skills, backed with common sense and a little creativity. First of all, realize that a headline should be specific to your niche, but engaging enough to receive a click-through.  According to SEO agency Toronto, Google Autocomplete and Google Suggestions can help you in this regard.

First Step – Google Autocomplete

Start with the first word, or first two words related to your niche and let Google Autocomplete suggest most searched words to follow.

  • If “Backing cookies” was your pick, Google Autocomplete will give you words like, tips, temperature and slang.
  • If you chose “tips”, there will be other phrases with equally strong search potential. Words like “tricks”, ‘Shortbread” and “soft” may be suggested by Google.

Here, Google can also show the whole recipe of backing chocolate chip cookies, thanks to those rich snippets used by If you can add rich snippets into your blog, Google can display pull out the recipe without making people to click through to your blog, which means top rank straight away.

Second Step – Short Analysis of Actual Searches

  • The headlines you searched via Google Autocomplete can be improved by means of short analysis, to help you find a great idea with highest search volume.
  • Make a list of high potential headlines along with volume and search results. Topics with low search results and high search volume are the best for your headlines.

With a bit of refining and matching up topic ideas with actual searches, you’ll be able to find a good headline topic.

Third Step – Add the Hook

Yes, a hook that will attract readers towards your post. There are too many posts filling your readers’ news feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. So, words like “How to”, “Finding”, “Top”, “10 Ways”, “Get” can be used before the actual topic to grab readers’ attention.

  1. The Topic Needs Time And Patience

Your idea may take several days, even weeks to gain popularity (links and shares). You may need to promote your article on social media platforms in order for your topic to gain organic lift. So, be consistent with your efforts and wait for it to give results.

Alternatively, you can boost your post on LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter by using their paid ads.


Keep repeating this exercise to make a list of great content ideas all the time. It’ll take some of your time, but you’ll end up having a list of great ideas that you can write on and sell, at least for a month.