How to Write Captivating Blog Posts?

Any Killer blog post includes the following things.

  1. Persuasive title
  2. Appealing Introduction
  3. CTA (Call To Action)
  4. Meat of the content (middle of your article – here’s where you should convey yourtopic)
  5. The art of crafting (bullets, itallic, bold etc)
  6. Extra formatting (using appealing images)

Let us discuss each of them now..

1. How to write attention grabbing headlines?

No matter how great your content is.. your readers will decide whether or not to read it with  the title of your blog post. If your title is grabbing their attention, they’ll surely open the post to read what’s in it for them.  If your copy is good, but the title is mediocre, then you can’t make your blog posts going viral.

Titles are everything in blogging. Most copywriters say 90% of the readers will decide whether
or not to open your articles just by looking at your headlines. So try these powerful tips to write killer headlines for your blog posts.

3 tips you can use to write great headlines

  • Tweak the popular posts headlines
  • Use numbers
  • Write How-to articles

1. Tweaking popular blog posts titles:

This is one of the easiest (yet most popular) method  of writing attention grabbing titles. The concept here is very simple.. once check out your own popular blog posts or skim through others popular blog posts headlines. And  tweak better than before, instead of copying word to word.  For example, one of my post popular posts headline goes like this..

How to Write Your Most Popular Blog Post?

See.. how interesting the title is.. almost everyone will be interesting in opening it to know
what’s in it.You can tweak the headline something like this..
3 Ways to Write Your Most Popular News Letter (or)
How to Create Most Popular Post in the Blogosphere etc..
Like this.. you can write as many as killer headlines you want. Simple, isn’t it?

2. Use numbers:

List posts can be attracted very fast. Why? Most of the online readers will love to skim the content than reading word to word. So it’s always a better idea to grab their attention using list posts.
Few examples are:

  • 15 Tips that Professional Bloggers Won’t Tell You
  • 1 Simple Tip to Attract More Readers to Your Blog
  • 89 Ways to Get More Blog Comments On Your Next Blog Post
  • And the list goes on…

3. Write How-to posts:

These type of posts will attract anyone. Because of their tendency
to create some curiosity. Your readers will love to read those blog posts which create
curiosity in the headlines itself, agree?
Here are few samples:
How to Make Someone Read Your Blog?
How to Type Faster?
How to Become Rich in 5 Simple Ways?
Conclusion: Whatever you do.. spend quality time on writing killer headlines for you blog posts.
Make sure you’re using the above three simple yet powerful tips.
2. How to make your introduction part more interesting?
The most important part after creating great headlines is: your first few lines of blog post i.e
your introduction.Introduction should be very attractive. It should immediately create curiosity in others to read
your entire post.
So how can you make your introduction part more appealing?
Here are few tips..
Use quotes: By using popular quotes in your introduction lines, you can quickly generate some
curiosity in your readers. But be sure you’re using the relevant quotes on your blog posts. Use
the sites like brainyquotes, etc to find the best quotes to your relevant topic.
Show stats: Your readers will be amazed if you show them some interesting facts or stats about
your topic. This way you can easily stand out from the crowd and also can create great impact
on other bloggers.
Ask a question: How can you grab someone’s attention easily? Without any doubt.. by asking
questions either in your titles, sub heads or in your introduction part. Questions create curiosity
and thus make your introduction lines stronger.
3. How to do more with your call to action (CTA)?
Call to actions are essential if you want to get something from your readers.
Your blog readers will love to take some action when they read a great post, information or
news on your blog. They’ll do whatever you want if your copy is attractive and informative.
Caution: Never (ever) end your blog post without having a CTA.
You can ask CTA’s like this..
 Did you like the post?
 Do you have any more tips to share?
 Share this blog post if you liked it..
 Subscribe to my newsletter if you don’t want to miss out the goodies like this
And the list goes on..
4. Meat of the content
How to write your meat of the content?Be sure you’re not using complexity in your blog posts. Use simple words in your blog posts. As
a rule of thumb even a 3rd grade student should understand what you’re writing.
Use short paragraphs: Most of the online readers will prefer reading short lines of text. They
don’t like reading long blocks of content. Because long paragraphs are very hard to read and
understand your blog posts.
Use relevant links: This includes interlinking to your old blog posts and/or linking to the
external (yet relevant) blog posts for further reading. Everyone will love to read the detailed
posts instead of reading the same stuff all over the blogosphere, right?
Gather information before you talk: Don’t talk nonsense in your blog posts. Research well
before you’re writing anything on your blog. Because your blog is a long time business
machine.. you’re focusing on generating the results in the long run, not today or tomorrow. So
don’t write false statements.

5. The Art of Crafting

Crafting the blog posts play a vital role in making your blog posts becoming popular.
Use bullets
Make few words italic
And bold the important words to grab others attention.
Don’t use the above three excessively. Use them the smart way. Use them only where they’re
appropriate. Not throughout your blog posts.
How can you use them better?
One simple to craft your blog posts the better way is this: READ more.
When you’re reading other blog posts, you’re not only gaining some information but also you’ll learn
how to craft the content. One shot – two birds!

6. Extra formatting

“An image is worth thousand words”I don’t know who said this quote… but it’s obviously true. Images create more appealing effect to your blog posts. It’s one of the best ways to quickly grab  someone’s attention to your blog.

A word of caution: Don’t use images directly from Google. They may have copyrights and you may face
problems using them without giving any credit.

So where to find free images for your blog posts?

  •  Everystockphoto
  •  Stockvault
  • flickr creative commons
  • freedigitalphotos

The above are the best ways to find free images for your blog posts. Don’t forget to give a link back to
their sites as they require proper credit to use those free images.