A Company’s Successful Growth Will Shock Many

Nowadays, Africa is developing more and more everyday and especially in their technology field. This allows many businesses to grow as well with the growth of technology it allows their business to follow with Africa’s growth with technology. One of these businesses that are growing immensely with the technology growth in Africa is Murphy Ben International. Murphy Ben International is an entertainment company in Lagos, Nigeria and they create, promote and aggregate African contents. Their goal is to spread the knowledge of the talent that many African artists and actors have through their music, music videos, movies and even TV shows. As technology grows in Africa, being the number one entertainment company as is and that is a huge plus.

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Why they are known as a growing company?

Murphy Ben International was originated in 2009 and was an official company in 2012. Murphy Ben International was founded by CEO Murphy Anawana and he is extremely proud of the fast and aggressive growth rate they’ve had since their opening. The company is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria but there are around 400 employees with its sister companies and the employees either work online or at the studios when they create their new music, music videos or films and TV shows. Murphy Ben International’s CEO is extremely proud of what he and his team have accomplished to this day and one of their biggest accomplishments is actually being the number one YouTube channel in Africa right now.

Murphy Ben International has big plans for their future, with more growth as technology in Africa grows, they will always try and be one step ahead of the growth rate of technology in Africa to be as successful as they are now.