Epsilon Electronics: Apprenticeship

Epsilon Electronics is a company that manufactures and sells different electronics for audio and visual purposes. This company has been around for over three decades and they are located in California. Epsilon Electronics is a company that definitely stands out from a consumer’s point of view. Many consumers don’t know any other electronics companies where they can rely on and actually be able to purchase quality products with a warranty. Epsilon Electronics is seen as a successful company and hopes that when they take on new apprentices, they will be able to do the same. An apprenticeship is a system of learning a craft or trade from one who is engaged in it and they are paying for the instruction by a given number of years of work. The whole concept of Epsilon Electronics having a apprentice come into their manufacturing industry is a good thing because they always need to hire new employees in case someone leaves or retires. When you are a successful company who always has high demand, you need to be abled to match the supply level so customers aren’t always waiting on back order for the products they want; especially any new products that are very common and held by competitors.

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An apprentice for Epsilon Electronics would be useful in case they were short staff one day or an employee with a lot of experience retires and they need to replace them. The whole point of an apprentice is learning from somebody a little older who has been in the company for several years and has experienced various changes in technology. This individual would have to teach the apprentice everything they need to know about the company; an apprentice is someone who needs to have the will to learn to actually become apart of the Epsilon Electronics team and maintain the company’s reliable and successful position. Apprenticeships will continue in skilled trades that require people to assemble any of these new products and finish them off once processed by a machine (depending on the product). Hopefully the apprentice will be able to learn a lot more from someone with more experience than a video or someone who is still considered relatively new.