The Perils Of Being On Your Computer For Too Long

What ever happened to the days where free time meant roaming around outdoors, building a snowman or reading a book in the sun? Nowadays we are more and more cramped up indoors, staring at our cell phones and computer screens for extended periods of time. With the rise of e-commerce, who even needs to venture out of their home to go Christmas shopping? You can easily compare prices and product features from the comfort of your own bed, and get your gifts shipped directly to your doorstep.

Although the wide use of the internet has its many benefits, there are several perils in which most are not aware of. Fortunately, companies like Payne Glasses have perfected innovations through features such as their 1.74 high index progressive lenses transitions, which block UVA and UVB rays. High index progressive lenses are also the thinnest and lightest lens, allowing for a better fit within your eyeglass frames.

Here are a few repercussions that are a result of extended screen time:

  • The Brain Restructures: As found by Psychology Today, those who are addicted to their screens endure a shrinkage of their grey brain matter and also experience issues with their white brain matter. This may cause for extra food cravings, and a decrease in cognitive performance.
  • Metabolic Syndrome: The sedentary lifestyle has come to the point where we may be more susceptible to metabolic syndrome, which is the combination of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. This bodily damage is not necessarily a result of extended screen time but of the fact that we sit still while watching our screens. It has been said that the effects of sitting still for hours upon hours cannot even be cured by an hour of exercise. Perhaps incorporating exercise while you watch your favourite television program is the way to go in this case?
  • Eye Strain: This is a serious issue that most are aware of but still do not seem to improve their behaviour. Screens that emit blue light are dangerous for the eye’s retina and cause us to stay awake at night. If you’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, why not switch it up by shutting out all screen time at least an hour before sleep and swapping your device for an old-fashioned book. If this is not an option for you, at least dim the brightness on your devices so that the effect isn’t as apparent. Payne Glasses’ light responsive blue stoppers is a revolutionary solution in the eyewear industry that helps counter this sad reality.
  • Inability to Process Emotions: Those who have grown up with screens are most at risk of a reduced emotional capacity. The lack of face-to-face interactions means that these individuals have a harder time empathizing with others. Screen time can never replace human interactions, so don’t try to pretend it does. Make more time to see your loved ones now.