Protect Your Eyes From Screens With Payne Glasses

Payne Glasses are one of the best companies on the market that deliver on both looks and functionality. They cater to today’s world and today’s working professionals, those of us who move from work to play all the while staring at screens. We work on computers, we use our phones when we’re bored, and we are tiring out our eyes. Research findings in the field is still relatively new, but it is emerging that the blue light wavelengths that screens emit can be harmful to our health in both the long and short term. We can’t avoid computers, our phones, tablets, or e-readers for the rest of our lives. Instead optical experts have devised a way to seamlessly integrate protection with their transition blue light protection glasses.

Being proactive is one of the best ways to help prevent something from happening. You can be proactive and apply sunscreen so you don’t burn, you can go to the gym and run on the treadmill so you stay healthy, and now, you can wear blue light protection glasses so that you don’t damage your retinas. While the evidence is still fairly new, and more trials certainly need to be conducted, preliminary findings do show the potential for damage when eyes are exposed to blue light over prolonged periods of time.

This would be bad for nearly everyone who lives in the western world. We rely on screens for almost everything, as technology has facilitated so much in the last few years. We check our weather, our finances, our transportation, our memories, and so much more by using screens. The optical specialists at Payne understand this, and they want to effortlessly protect your eyes without changing any of your routines or habits. They cater to you.

Integrated in your next pair of awesome transition blue light protection glasses. It will in no way affect the width or weight of your lenses, it will be applied without you even noticing a difference. Your frames will still sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose, and your prescription will still perfectly enhance your vision. The team behind the science of your lenses works in tandem with the design team to make sure the lenses fit perfectly in the latest style of frames. Visit the Payne Glasses website today to browse their selection of stylish frames at affordable prices to start protecting your eyes.