What Is An E-Cigarette?

An Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigar for short) is a vaporizer that is running on a battery called lithium. It is also called e-pipe and e-pens. The e-cigar’s cartridge is composed of different chemicals that help in producing the smoke as well as keep the e-cigar taste like a normal cigarette. Although the FDA does not approve smokers to get one as an alternative to smoking tobacco, some people still find it helpful and relevant in their plan to quit smoking or just lessen the chemicals in their body. This article will help you give, you a jump start on how to smoke e-cigar.

What You Need to Do

Buy an e-cigar kit- of course, how would you practice smoking with e-cigar if you still don’t have one? Anyway, if you still have no experience with any type of electronic cigar, you should go for the e-cigar kits sold online. Starter kits usually composed of a charger, a rechargeable battery and a nicotine liquid cartridge. There are different flavors of nicotine as well as nicotine level. If you want to quit smoking, you should get a nicotine that’s low in level. As for the price, e-cigar kits range from $40-$100. Piece of advice, go for kits that are a bit pricey. They last longer than the cheap ones and you also get to have nicer flavor choices.

Charge your e-cigar- e-cigar is run by a lithium battery, so charge it properly before using it. To ensure your battery lives longer, do not place them in direct heat. Also, fully charge the battery before using your e-cigar to avoid over-charging as well.

Attach the liquid cartridge in- After fully charging your e-cigar’s battery, take it off the charger. Take the liquid cartridge and attach it to the e-cigar’s slot. Liquid cartridges may or may not come to fill inside it buy you can always buy them online or a store that offers one.

Test it for a puff- after setting everything up, you can now try and puff using your e-cigar. Just remember, do not take in lots of smoke in if you’re not used to it. Chances are you’re going to cough a lot. Your first puff should be slowly but surely.

Smoking is not really a bad thing, just follow what TV commercials tell you- that is, smoke moderately.