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Beach Fashion with the Betther Difference!

As the weather hots up, thoughts turn to holidays. But, for many women, the prospect of buying new womens swimwear or beach fashion fills them with trepidation.

For a start, not everyone can afford the latest designer bikini, and some of the top beach fashion seems way out of most normal price ranges. Equally, with so much advice on womens swimwear around, some of it conflicting, when it comes to beach fashion it can be hard to know what’s hot – and what’s not. We all have different tastes too, and one person’s designer bikini is another’s out-dated nightmare for more info

More importantly, there’s the old fear of exposing our bodies that’s inevitable with all womens swimwear. After a winter of hiding under warm, comfy clothes, with beach fashion there’s suddenly no escape. Even a supposedly flattering one piece bikini can seem to leave bulges in all the wrong places.

Many trawl shops or web sites in despair, looking for a designer bikini or other piece of womens swimwear that would actually fit them. Glossy magazines don’t help, as every page seems to have some skinny celeb frolicking in the surf in the latest designer bikini, their beautiful bodies seemingly made for beach fashion and womens swimwear.

Betther beach fashion was created out of a sense of frustration and indignation that, while most womens swimwear (especially the designer bikini) seems to have been created for the impossibly bronzed and beautiful bod, the reality for most of us could not be more different. Betther is short for ‘better for her’, and we live up to our name.

Designer Nilsa Facchi Bollier is the driving force behind our range of affordable, flattering beach fashion and womens swimwear for women who don’t have supermodel bodies – i.e. most of us!

The secret is all in the cut of our womens swimwear, and the materials we use. Also, crucially, if you buy a designer bikini through us, you can buy individual components of your designer bikini, because we know that a woman’s body is different shapes in different places.

Brazil is synonymous with beauty and glamour on the beach, and we’d all love that Rio look. Now, thanks to Betther, you don’t have to be a Brazilian babe to get the Rio look.

For example, our web site shows clearly how you can achieve the Rio look just by choosing your designer bikini carefully. The model has, in one photo, cracked the Rio look thanks to a swimsuit from our designer bikini range. It’s very similar to a Brazilian bikini, and has given our model the Rio look thanks to its design and cut.

In the ‘before’ image, the model hasn’t got the Rio look at all. The extra fabric around her sides, waist and thighs add to her frame, making her look bigger. It’s certainly not from our selection of womens swimwear.

The other secret to achieving the Rio look through our beach fashion is the clean cut to the bottoms of our swimsuits. We mainly leave the adornments for the top halves, helping to create the Rio look for you wherever you hit the beach. Thanks to us, you can get the Rio look even if you travel no further than Brighton. We also give you the Rio look whatever your shape without sky-high prices.

The One Piece Bikini

For many women who dread buying a designer bikini, a one piece bikini from our womens swimwear collection can solve all their beach fashion problems.

For some women, a one piece bikini can be the perfect half-way house between a conventional bikini and an all-in-one swimsuit. And the right one piece bikini can be very flattering. A one piece bikini with a ‘cut-out’ style, for example, flatters a long torso.

Find a one piece bikini which doesn’t cut into the shoulders, has comfortable, stretchy fabric and doesn’t creep up the backside. You shouldn’t struggle to find a one piece bikini from Betther which you’ll love.

For example, check out our Cocochette one piece bikini with its beautiful exposed back, or the Desi one piece bikini, an asymmetric monokini.

But whatever you want to wear on holiday this summer, Betther can have you looking fabulous. Check out our site today

What Helps You Enroll The Right Martial Arts Class In Scarborough?

Are you looking out to add a positive thing to your lifestyle that will help you lead a healthy life? If so, then the most appropriate option for you is to opt for martial arts. There are a number of health benefits of choosing this option. So before you take a decision, make certain you know all.

Once you have decided to join a martial arts class in Scarborough, it is extremely important for you to make certain that you choose the right one. Only because someone forces you does not mean you enroll in the classes. You need to happy about joining as only then you will be able to see the results. Before you join the classes, you need to know the inclusions. When you enroll in the classes, you should know what to expect. Salvosa mma offers different types of martial arts. Thus, knowing which one you wish to go for is a wise thing to do before enrolling. Know in brief about every style; take your time in deciding one.

Do you know what you will benefit by attending the martial arts classes?

Most people just join the classes because they heard someone saying that it is good for health. The fact is that you need to know what you will gain from the classes. If you join the classes without knowing what you will benefit, then there are chances that you will quit the classes soon. Also, if it is being tough for you to select a martial arts style, then know which of the following is important as that will help you give an idea of which style to select:

  • Health
  • Expression
  • Certification
  • Fitness
  • Toned body
  • Self defense

From the above mentioned pointers, decide what is more important to you, let the instructor of the martial arts class know about your goals and with his or her guidance you can choose a style.

Once you have decided the style and looking out for the martial arts class in Scarborough, make certain that you choose the right one. For this purpose, get as many options for classes as possible. Check out all of them and then take a decision.

Get as many options as possible:

One most important thing that you need to remember is that do not join in the martial arts schools that you first come across or where one of loved one has already enrolled. Your goals may be different from theirs. Get as many options as possible and check them out before you finalize the martial arts class.

Find an experienced and qualified mentor:

Just researching the martial arts schools is not enough. You even have to know how good the mentors are because ultimately they are ones who will guide you. It is very important to choose a good teacher. He or she should be willing putting in the time to teach you and will also help you if you have any issues. Before you enroll in the classes, make certain that you let the instructor know your goals as well as the health issues that you are facing, if any.

Omaha Outdoors Helps You Get The Right Gift For Gun Lovers

When you start your search for the perfect gift for a near and gun lover you learn the tough parts of gifting at Omaha Outdoors. You will surely be spoiled for choice at the wide range of collectibles that are up for grabs at this site and others in the same category. You will have a hard time deciding upon the many possibilities from which to gift. Before you go ahead and press on the click here button that leads to the product of his or her choice – be it a gun safe, a holster, or any firearm cleaning tool – just take a step back and decide upon how serious your gun lover really is.

In most cases, people who love to keep and enjoy their firearms are light-hearted, sporty, fun loving people. They love to keep their guns and pistols well and maintain them using the finest cleaning agents and other tools. Sometimes, they are so serious about their gun collection hobby that they become too materialistic about the same. Then, there are gun lovers of more advanced degrees who probably visit online gun portals like Omaha Outdoors for buying firearms for their self-defense purposes. By opting to purchase guns and their accessories online, you can be assured of getting the best deal for all gun aficionados – from beginners to high-level experts.

30469d1427474939-vp9-colored-frames-omaha-outdoors-11096544_10203762597928000_4912729025867987182_o.jpg (1506×1130)

At some sites, you may also get your hands on stylish holsters and gag gifts like gun shaped mints and humorous bumper stickers. Then, there are many types of serious gun accessories ranging from pink pistols to custom belt buckles, laser aided scopes, bullets, etc. All that you need to do is decide where in your gun-toting friend would best fit in; so as to narrow down upon a vast collection of items that’s up for sale.

You may like to opt for personalized gift items that will help the recipient of your gift show off his pride in the sport. Alternatively, go for sports skill improvement products to serve as practice aids; or look around for protective devices and firearm gear for hobby enhancement. With a flurry of manuals, supplies, and gun toting kits to choose from, it will not be long before you can get your hands on the products of your choice. So, wait no longer and click here to buy the best gift for gun lovers – at any time of the year.

8 Signs That You Can Carry A Saree Flawlessly

For every Indian woman and young girls no matter from where she belongs to, saree has always been one of the most lovable dresses for them. Even though they might have other ladies suits in their wardrobe, they would still favor wearing a saree for an occasion than other attires. It defines elegance and the rich beauty of any Indian girl. No matter how much they love western clothing but a beautiful saree will always grab their attention. Even though young girls tend to wear a saree only occasionally but they always have a liking for the attire. Be it a college fest or at someone’s marriage party, girls wearing saree look most attractive.


Now girls who still have not tried a saree and are still stuck at western wears, here are some signs that you can carry a saree flawlessly:

Saree highlights your beauty to a significant level:

A beautiful saree can flawlessly justify your beauty. Sarees worn correctly can make any woman look the most attractive among others; one can flaunt their body with sheer elegance through saree. A girl with a perfect smile and a beautifully worn saree is as beautiful as any angel for any Indian guy.
Sarees are comfortable:

Against general perception that sarees hinder easy movement and are less comfortable than jeans, sarees are actually more comfortable and provides ample space for air flow in between. Unlike jeans you don’t require belts to keep it tight around your waist, sarees are worn in such a way that they keep tight all day long and are easy to maintain if you know how to manage it.
Look Amazing:

They blend perfectly in any family function or parties. Sarees come in great design, and with a vivid range of colors, such that they can fit perfectly on any occasion.

Available in different materials and designs:

Sarees come in a great variety from material to design to color; one can choose the best according to its taste of design. The best part about getting a saree is that you can add your own designing ideas to it. You can wear it according to your comfort and fashion taste.

The choli or Blouse is certainly a game changer which comes in great variety.  A blouse is an essential part of saree. With beautiful pattern and colors they just enhance the elegance of a woman perfectly.
Perfect for any body size:

This attire fits perfectly in any body size, unlike jeans and top where one need to keep their sizes in mind while buying them. One can just buy a saree and know the way to wear it. It can be easily worn by anyone irrespective of body size.

Sarees are worn all across the country:

They fit perfectly in any tradition, be it a South Indian festival or function or a North Indian event. This is one among the many traditional Indian suits that just fits in any tradition entirely, it surely unifies the fashion in India, it significantly showcases the rich Indian culture which is one of the best parts of saree and is one of the prime reason that indian sarees has become a trademark of Indian woman dress in western fashion world.

Saree enhances your beauty to an infinite level wherein the beautiful fabrics and designs can make any Indian woman look gorgeous and serene.


The Brunch: A Consolidated Trend In Barcelona

Just a few years ago, the word “brunch” sounded like Chinese in Barcelona, where the culture of tapas was the exclusive food option available between meals. However,being the cosmopolitan city that Barcelona is, the brunch culture has struck as in other European cities with so much strength, that iteven has its electronic version, to enjoy the best music around noon and in familiar atmosphere. So, where can we find the best brunch in Barcelona?


Carrer Parlament: the trendy area

If there a place in Barcelona where people brunch harder, that’s Carrer Parlament.

In fact, it’s in this street of the Catalonian capital where the word brunch was born and evolved over the years to earn its place in Barcelona’s vocabulary. The traditional neighborhood of Sant Antoni hosts the best coffee shops specialized in brunch, and reminds us of the London neighborhoods of Chelsea and Notting Hill.

A perfect place to enjoy, not only coffee, juices, toasts, scrambled eggs and some mouth-watering sandwiches, but also some time torelax and chat with friends and family.

El Poble Espanyol: a café for every taste

Precisely because the brunch is not just a meal, but a moment to share, Brunch in the city wants to spread this concept that the cozyneighborhood of Poble Espanyol shows very well. Every Sunday, from noon till the end of the day, the bars and cafés open to enjoy at full the last day of the week in a family friendly vibe.

A proposal that invite us to enjoy the best international DJs in the incomparable setting of Plaza Mayor, in the corner of Montjuïc, which certainly is the best of the appetizers.

Hotel terraces: fulfilling a whim

The Carrer Parlament is the best place to introduce someone to this tradition that has become the brunch, but for those who already know the term and like to enjoy every moment of life, there’s nothing like enjoying it from the heights on the terrace of a hotel withspectacular views of the city.

Barcelonaoffers several juicy places to fulfill this whim, but they may not be suitable for all budgets.

The parks: the most natural appetizer

In order to truly enjoy a proper brunch, it must be done at street level, in good company with a plan for thein mind. This ritual is pointless if performed at home.

Thus, another way to enjoy it in Barcelona is in one of its many parks, and so much better if done in one of those located at the higher locations of the city. Although lately, the undisputed queenof the picnics on the grass is the Ciudadela Park, where at the shade of the numerous palm trees, many locals meet halfway between the bustling historic center, the decadent charm of the Born district and the ever lively neighborhood of Barceloneta.

Why Do Barbers Need The Best Hair Clippers?

This article presents the view on the need of a barber to get the best barber clippers because being a barber is not the work of an overnight and it requires a lot of skill and expertise to be a barber. But the need of hair clippers is extremely important for a barber, here is why;

Hair styling requires great skill:

Whenever a client comes at a barber shop, he has many needs and many expectations because he not only expects the barber to cut his hair, but also to cut them so that he looks good with the new haircut and style. A hair clipper can ensure optimum hair styling by trimming hair from hidden locations and cutting them to the required length and thus these are must to have for any barber.

Building reputation among clients:

A barber can only develop his reputation among clients if he becomes successful in making them happy with their hair related experience may it be slight hair trimming, hair styling or a complete change of look with hair styling. A hair clipper can make sure that the hair are done in a professional way that fulfil the need of the client and thus he can then tell others about the barber’s work and thus attract more customers to get the benefit from his skill and that ultimately has a lot to do with hair clippers and other equipment used by the barber.

Be quick in work:

That is a very important rule to become a barber that you need to be efficient in your work as nobody has the time in the world to get stuck in simple hair cutting jobs. Thus a hair clipper can ensure that a barber cuts the hair of the clients in a quick manner since it is the trimming that requires time may it be head hair or beard, and this can be made quick with use of hair clippers.

It ensures hygiene:

Hygiene is again a very important rule that is required to build a strong reputation among clients for a barber. A hair clipper has blades that can be cleaned efficiently to be used again and thus ensuring hygiene. Moreover a good hair clipper cuts the hair in a way that it does not lead to an explosion of hair everywhere thus making it time efficient for hair cleaning purposes.

5 Top Reasons To Travel To Egypt

So if you want to travel on a vacation trip from the UK you should definitely go to Egypt. Here are the five top reasons from tour operator Cheap Beach Holidayswhile you should travel to Egypt from the UK.


So the first reason you should travel to Egypt is because of the hotels. Egypt has really nice hotels here are the best three examples of the hotels. The first hotel in Egypt is called the RixosSharm El Sheikh. This hotel has five stars and will be really relaxing in your hotel room. This hotel is featured as like a mansion and has really classy hardware. In front of this hotel is a nice swimming pool. So this would be a great hotel selection. The second hotel is called The Royal Albatros.

This nice hotel also has four and a half stars and gets great reviews. There is huge swimming pool in front of the hotel and this hotel also looks like a mansion. The last hotel that’s featured is the SofitelTaba Heights Hotel. This hotel features like a mini sandy beach in front of it. So you can have fun in the sun while staying at this hotel. This hotel also has four and a half stars. So here is a good reason to come to Egypt if you’re coming from the UK.


The 2nd reason to come to this wonderful country in Africa is to go sightseeing. Egypt is well known for their pyramids. You can discover all types of pyramids in Egypt. For example the most famous one there is the Sphinx in Giza Egypt. Also Egypt has really nice buildings, hotels, and mansions there too. So if you’re from the UK and like to explore all over the place you should definitely come visit Egypt.

The Experience

So when you travel from the UK to Egypt you will have a very wonderful experience. Like the best experience of a lifetime. A lot of people have reviewed that Egypt is one the best places they have been to and the wish that could even live there. The place is wonderful. A fun fact is that like a year and a half ago it snowed in Egypt for the first time in 100 years. So make sure you do come to Egypt to visit so you can have a wonderful experience.


One of the best places in Egypt is Cairo. Cairo is a place where they have buildings, pyramids plains and all sorts of adventure outside. A lot of people live in Cairo, Egypt because it’s a fine place over 7 million people live there. In Cairo they have lots of tourism and a lot of people love to see the sights. So if you’re from the UK and want to be a tourist come to Cairo one of the best cities in Egypt.

 The Sphinx

Last but not least the final reason why someone from the UK should visit Egypt. Even though this was in the “the experience” paragraph this is more information about the landmark. The Sphinx is the oldest kingdom in Egypt they open at 8am and they close at 5pm. So the sphinx would be a really great place to visit if you’re traveling from the UK.


So those are the top five interesting reasons why you should travel from the UK to Egypt on a great vacation. All of these fun places from all these hotel, mansions, and landmarks would be very interesting to go to.

Getting Inspired By Custom Essay Writing Online

There are a lot of times when you may struggle with doing an essay that your teacher has required you to do. You know that you need to become inspired with the help of custom essay writing online. Your professor may have told you the proper topic to use. While you are aware of the things that you want to say, you are just having a hard time putting your thoughts into actual words that you can put on paper.

You always have the choice to use custom essay writing online services so that a professional can write the paper for you but if in case you only need their help in making revisions, this is possible as well. What you can do in order to write effective essays with or without the help of homework help online writing, there are some tips that you have to remember.

Treating Your Opinion as Important

You have to remember that you will have some opinions about the topic that will be given to you. What you have to do is to list down all of those opinions. You do not have to write down everything that you need to say about the topic. Simply listing down your opinions will at least let you refer to that when you are already writing your essay. If in case you are not sure if your opinion will work with the rest of the things that you are going to do, then at least you have other opinions that you can try out with ease.

Double Check Everything That You Will Write

You have the option to write the essay on your own and if you do it without the help of custom essay writing online USA, make sure that you will check what you have already written. It does not mean that just because it seemed perfect when you were writing it, it already means that everything you have written is perfect. Make sure that you will double check after writing down your opinion and decide whether you still need to change some things or not.

Make Sure To Set Time to Create Your Essay

You have to remember that in making your essay, you need to do it when you still have a lot of time. If you are going to do it when you do not have enough time anymore, there is a big chance that you will be cramming and you will not be able to write down what you actually want anymore. You will not have time to write down your thoughts anymore.

It will be best if you can take time to think of a great introductory sentence that will make your professor know that your essay is surely different from the rest. It is highly likely that you will be able to think of something perfect. The things that you will write on the introductory paragraph should be answered at the conclusion. This will make your whole essay come together and be extremely cohesive. Make sure that you will be able to summarize your essay if you would need to so that you can be sure with what you will get

Tips And Tricks For Buying Your Maternity Clothing

Being a parent could be a wonderful experience, the feel of being a parent would make you feel confident, stronger and will defiantly make you happier. But being a parent is not a very easy task, especially if you are pregnant for the first time.

5634a6f1f2.jpg (612×487)

There are so many things that are needed to be looked after and to be considered when you get pregnant for the first time. Your body would change; you might develop a new life style and patterns. All these changes may scare you a little, you may think you have to give up all your favorite habits and ways, but worry not there are some habits that you don’t have to change. For example if you love wearing jeans, you can still wear them, how you may ask? Maternity jeans are the answer to your question.

Things to consider when buying the maternity jeans:

Maternity jeans are not worn by all therefore you might not see them very frequently in shops and boutiques, which makes it difficult for pregnant women to buy the suitable clothing when in need. You can click here for maternity jeans purchasing.

Here are some tips that will help you buy a suitable pair of jeans:

  1. Try the jeans before you buy:

Just like any other clothing you must first try your jeans before you buy them. You might find several types of jeans in the market, therefore its fine if you have to spend hours in the changing room. You need to find the suitable size than you might have to speed a little time.

If you are purchasing jeans online than it’s recommended that you buy only from some reliable sellers or the brans that you know and trust.

  1. Buy something that is actually for your bump:

You may want to buy the stylish skinny jeans for yourself, but you should know that these stylish jeans are not for you. Some of you might thing about buying a size bigger for your pregnancy days but that will not be very comfortable either. You need something specifically for your bump and that is why maternity pants are the only suitable choice for you.

It is recommended that you opt for more comfortable options rather than focusing on the stylish and trendy options, plus the maternity pants nowadays are much stylish and trendy so you don’t have to worry about that.

  1. Get two or more pair of jeans:

You will not remain a same size throughout your pregnancy therefore it is advised that you buy two or more pairs for yourself. You might need different size pants for your whole 9 month period, so it’s better that you purchase the different sizes before you get into the position where you have nothing to wear.

  1. Consider them as a treat for yourself:

Some people may avoid buying maternity clothing, calling them an extra expense, but they are not some extra expense that you make; they are some treat for your tough pregnancy duration. The maternity jeans are stylish yet very comfortable so that you will feel good about your look and you will feel very comfortable too.

Author’s bio:

Jennifer works with maternity wear. She has written several articles about how these simple clothing can make you feel so good about yourself.

Sexual Harassment Raped Women Truckers Attacked

Girls truckers are susceptible to sexual harassment delivered on within the road trips and when combined with a male coach or when combined with the unfamiliar male co-worker like a team driver. Frequently, national trucking companies will hire recently certified professional vehicle drivers and combined with a coach for additional training and experience. They anticipate their coach to become purely qualified within their jobs. However, this could be false. Some male coaches observe other women truckers to harass. Several coaches actually keep a driver’s potential within their fingers when the coach reviews the student is unqualified to complete the task since the student might not be maintained from the organization. Some coaches have guaranteed students when they might accomplish some form of sexual favor for them they would certainly obtain a passing grade.
Sexual-Harassment-Orange-County.jpg (526×350)

Girls truckers have to be conscious of any activity by their coach that would be considered sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment is unacceptable, unwanted behavior. Somebody creating a sexual remark or requesting a day aren’t regarded as sexual harassment. If you should be not thinking about their activities clearly state No! The unwanted conduct shouldn’t happen again. You need to follow your organization’s plan for reporting the situations if it will.

Coaches and co-workers could make other improper measures of the sexual nature or improper comments to intimidate women. Girls truckers have noted that their male coaches have regularly propositioned them. Some girls truckers have noted that they overwhelmed have been attacked and sometimes even raped by their coach or co-worker. That is greater than sexual harassment. These are legal activities that ought to be claimed for the proper police agency.

The law requires trucking companies to supply a safe operating environment for several employees. Sexual harassment isn’t allowed. Businesses have written methods and guidelines for reporting harassment. Girls truckers must ensure that they’re acquainted with the plan their organization has in position. Girls truckers that are harassed follow their firm’s process of reporting incidents and should maintain detailed records of any nuisance occurring.