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Food Storage Tips

You are looking to grow your food storage cabinets but you have no idea where to start. We have all seen the TV shows where people have years of food storage stacked up and you have a little bit of a desire to be more like them, but it can be so hard and expensive to start! We are here to give you great tips and help you be on your way to having a great supply of food just in case a Zombie apocalypse ever does happen.

A place to store it

Before you can really start collecting and making a great collection of food storage you have to decide where it is that you are going to put the food that you are collecting. If you are looking to have a 1 year collection of food, you are going to need to have a large space to keep it all. It is also important to think about the temperature of the room when you are deciding. Food is going to stay better in a cool, dark place. However, I learned from a conversation with a Branchburg pest control expert that mice and other rodents also love to live in cool, dark places so you have to be sure that you are choosing a room that is secure from outside so you do not have a rodent problem on your hands quickly.

Shelf Life

While pasta and beans have a great shelf life, it is going to be a long year if you only have pasta and beans to live on. Before you get carried away and fill your room with items with a 10 year shelf life, you need to determine and do the math to decide what you need to feed yourself if you actually had to live on your food storage. Oatmeal and flour are other great items to keep that can transform into many different meals.

Shelf life is important because you do not want to have to be replacing food in your pantry every year. We would highly suggest that you eat out of your food storage. You have to continually be updating and using older items. If you are constantly eating of your storage you will be able to use the food instead of waste it. It is also great to be in the room often because you are looking through what you have and it is on your mind. You should continually be looking through the food to be sure that nothing is going bad.


The way that you organize your food storage is very important. We would suggest that you organize your stash by the shelf life of the products. You want to keep products with a shorter shelf life near each other, and products that have a longer life somewhere else. You may also want to organize these areas by the type of food that it is. For example, keeping fruits separate from grains will help you see what you have.  

Having a great source of food storage is great, but you have to do it right in order for it to be useful for you and your family.

Checkway Point of Sale (POS) Accessories

CheckWay, one of Europe and Asia’s top Point of Sale (POS) machine distributors, has been manufacturing POS machines themselves. Now, they are also offering POS accessories to complement the retail.

A panel PC merges the CPU with a touch screen LCD monitor for a more streamlined, ergonomic design that saves on space. The touch screen means that there is no need for a keyboard and a mouse.

CheckWay has the following panel PC products: P10T ($ 1,094.00), P15T ($ 1,232.00)

Fanless PCs are lightweight and small, yet durable PCs. They are fanless in that the PCs are cooled via heatpipes that move the heat from the video card and CPU to the outside of the PC case. The CW77 ($ 643.00) and CW99 ($ 739.00) CheckWay models may be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Keyboards are the input method for non-touch screen displays.  CheckWay has Keyboard 78 ($ 125.00) and Keyboard 84 ($ 223.00) have 78 and 84 programmable keys respectively to make data input easier. They are also made to withstand millions of keystrokes.

Customer Displays ($ 129.00) provide easy-to-read and clear information to clients and staff alike. These may be swiveled and tilted to give clients the benefit of visibility. The multimedia variant ($ 169.00) has the ability to play videos to further showcase products and impress customers.

Industrial monitors come in Touch and Non-touch variants. The non-touch variants (10 inch non-touch, 8.4 inch non-touch, 15 inch non-touch) are compact and energy-efficient. They are priced from $ 183-$ 320. The 15 inch touch screen model ($392.00) is both dust and spill proof, ideal for tough environments. The angle may be adjusted to up to 90 degrees and is detachable. Like the non-touch monitors, they are also energy- and cost-efficient.

CheckWay’s Equipment Stand ($ 63.73) allows for product display and sales promotion. Get one to stand next to your POS and attract customer attention with this multi-platform display.

The CheckWay Receipt Printer ($ 215.00) is designed to be compact and versatile to save the most space. It does not consume a lot of power on the side, saving you on operational costs.

Barcode Scanners scan barcodes easily by using high beam focus. The ID 1500 ($ 189.00) and ID 1000 ($89.00) models are gun-type, handy scanners, while the ID 3000 ($ 205.00) is a vertical scanner.

Keep your cash safe in CheckWay’s Cash Drawers ($ 89.00-99.00). They are adjustable and removable for ease of use, and come in vertical and horizontal variants.

Allow customers to check product prices before purchasing and spare employees the hassle of answering price questions with CheckWay’s Price Checker. The ergonomic design allows the device to be placed in compact spaces, without hindering product and shelf displays.

About the Author

Michelle Mantel is a professional freelance writer he work with Retail POS and other industry clients. Michelle is currently a featured Content Contributor for – Get the best photos, edited as well as original

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