What Psychological Qualities Needed An Athlete?

Why we insist that is necessary mental training for tennis players, swimmers and other athletes who must overcome many challenges, hours and hours of dedication, work under pressure etc.? Precisely because everything described and many other implications affecting beyond the physical practice of sport.

A champion never can reach the number one if not possess the necessary emotional intelligence to not only reach, but also stay on top. What psychological qualities need an athlete?


Attention and learning abilities in every moment

Arrogance is the worst enemy of an athlete. No matter how good we are, if we are not able to retain that which leads us to victory and get the good from every defeat beyond feel defeated, we will end up losing power and not develop what makes us victorious.

We must always face the victory with humility, without underestimating the opponent and considering what powers have earned us to empower them and what has led to the defeat rival to avoid it.

Similarly if we have been defeated, not worth the pessimism and the feeling of defeat. We must quickly work hard for what today was a defeat, it becomes a win tomorrow, how? Capable of analytical and self-critical. No blaming errors or that the opponent was better or put an excuse like it was not our day.

Mental strength to work under pressure

We have become accustomed to naturalize that when an athlete play their sport in front of 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or even millions of viewers, anything affect him. And obviously is not the case.

Doesn’t matter your nature, if you are a portent practicing any sport:tempers, boos, the pressure of so many looks affect sooner or later, so every good athlete should be able to block out everything that happens around them and concentrate only in execution. For this reason,work psychology and mental strength it is very important, essential even.

But not only is reduced to the eyes of viewers the mental obstacle. Especially in those sports where it is not practiced in teams, but competing against a single opponent (tennis, swordplay, boxing etc.), much of the success comes from not only be good, but cause the failure to the rival, a sign of weakness that we can exploit and turn it into victory. To do this we must be able to withstand onslaughts, long games, maintain a position of strength and security that no rival tracks on our state etc.

Knowledge is what leads us to victory

Knowledge of the technique is another psychological skills that will be vital to us to be a winner. Anticipate what will happen with the execution of an exercise.

Why the Czech AntonínPanenka has become a reference in football history? Panenka was good in practice, but it could hardly be classified as the best. Still, it has passed into world history as one of the best penalty performers thanks to a throwing technique that bears his name.

What is a penalty called Panenka? Consist in deceiving the goalkeeper making a predictable release to one side of the goal and through a vaseline lift the ball, that past the goalkeeper who, believing guess the trajectory of the ball leans toward the grass. Panenka knew well ahead of his rival movements and, thanks to that, overcome it. A great example of that often mental strength is more powerful than physical strength, also in sport.