A Guide To Selling Your House Quickly

so you intend to sell your house? There is a glut of advice and recommendations available over the Web bit trawling through and sorting the wheat from the chaff is both tough and very time consuming. Most sources prove to be useful are provided by the agents themselves and the advice is balanced more toward the agent compared to the vendor. If you follow the right path through the accurate process, you certainly will be able to have a quick house sale for cash even in the down market.

Clean Your House

The very first step here before you even begin to sell is preparing your house. Imagine looking at your house from the buyer’s point of view. Deep clean everything, as it allows you to be able to have a quick surface clean prior to viewings but means you will be able to see each and everything if it needs to be replaced, updated or repaired. Take an opportunity to repaint the damaged or the brightly painted walls with pastel or neutral colors which will make the rooms appear larger and more airy. Remove all the clutter and surplus furniture.

Check out the garden and remove all the clutter and weeds and tidy away. Paint and replace any broken fencing and gates. Have a look around the outside of your house and sort any issues you can see externally.

Look Around For Professional Estate Agents

Once you are done with the cleaning of your house, you must start shortlisting estate agents in your area. Ask friends and family who have used and if could recommend anyone. Look at the agent’s location for foot traffic and also take into account how they would market your house in t he local newspapers, online and also on any of the property portals. Let them know how quickly do you intend to sell your house so that they can provide you with the price estimates and figure out what charges they have. Do not sign up with them until you have checked with several agents in the locality and haggle to reduce charges.

Conduct Open Houses

When it is time when you have to show your house around, ensure you tidy and clean it all around. Clean toilets and empty bins, use air fresheners to eradicate the entire bad odor. People recommend brewing ground coffee or baking bread however this cliché is usually used buyers wonder what it is hiding. Ensure there is enough space for people viewing to park. If you are showing them round you need to be polite and must give them a quick tour and ask if they would prefer to look around themselves. Give them enough space to talk to each other be available to answer any queries. If they intend to make an offer and you are selling your house through an agent ask them to get in touch with the agent.

Accepting The Offer

As you have accepted the offer and you are all set to move. You will need to engage a solicitor for both the sale of your house and also for the purchase of the new one. Make sure you have the mortgage right in place and that you are available for nay survey that is to be done. Agree the fittings, fixtures and contents which are included in t he sale as well as prepare details of providers of utilities such as gas, telephone etc. Opt for a removal service and get quotations.

Get yourself ready for the big day. Once you know while you moving confirm it with the removal service. Arrange what is going to happen with the pets and kids and ensure you arrange time off work.