5 Top Reasons To Travel To Egypt

So if you want to travel on a vacation trip from the UK you should definitely go to Egypt. Here are the five top reasons from tour operator Cheap Beach Holidayswhile you should travel to Egypt from the UK.


So the first reason you should travel to Egypt is because of the hotels. Egypt has really nice hotels here are the best three examples of the hotels. The first hotel in Egypt is called the RixosSharm El Sheikh. This hotel has five stars and will be really relaxing in your hotel room. This hotel is featured as like a mansion and has really classy hardware. In front of this hotel is a nice swimming pool. So this would be a great hotel selection. The second hotel is called The Royal Albatros.

This nice hotel also has four and a half stars and gets great reviews. There is huge swimming pool in front of the hotel and this hotel also looks like a mansion. The last hotel that’s featured is the SofitelTaba Heights Hotel. This hotel features like a mini sandy beach in front of it. So you can have fun in the sun while staying at this hotel. This hotel also has four and a half stars. So here is a good reason to come to Egypt if you’re coming from the UK.


The 2nd reason to come to this wonderful country in Africa is to go sightseeing. Egypt is well known for their pyramids. You can discover all types of pyramids in Egypt. For example the most famous one there is the Sphinx in Giza Egypt. Also Egypt has really nice buildings, hotels, and mansions there too. So if you’re from the UK and like to explore all over the place you should definitely come visit Egypt.

The Experience

So when you travel from the UK to Egypt you will have a very wonderful experience. Like the best experience of a lifetime. A lot of people have reviewed that Egypt is one the best places they have been to and the wish that could even live there. The place is wonderful. A fun fact is that like a year and a half ago it snowed in Egypt for the first time in 100 years. So make sure you do come to Egypt to visit so you can have a wonderful experience.


One of the best places in Egypt is Cairo. Cairo is a place where they have buildings, pyramids plains and all sorts of adventure outside. A lot of people live in Cairo, Egypt because it’s a fine place over 7 million people live there. In Cairo they have lots of tourism and a lot of people love to see the sights. So if you’re from the UK and want to be a tourist come to Cairo one of the best cities in Egypt.

 The Sphinx

Last but not least the final reason why someone from the UK should visit Egypt. Even though this was in the “the experience” paragraph this is more information about the landmark. The Sphinx is the oldest kingdom in Egypt they open at 8am and they close at 5pm. So the sphinx would be a really great place to visit if you’re traveling from the UK.


So those are the top five interesting reasons why you should travel from the UK to Egypt on a great vacation. All of these fun places from all these hotel, mansions, and landmarks would be very interesting to go to.