The Brunch: A Consolidated Trend In Barcelona

Just a few years ago, the word “brunch” sounded like Chinese in Barcelona, where the culture of tapas was the exclusive food option available between meals. However,being the cosmopolitan city that Barcelona is, the brunch culture has struck as in other European cities with so much strength, that iteven has its electronic version, to enjoy the best music around noon and in familiar atmosphere. So, where can we find the best brunch in Barcelona?


Carrer Parlament: the trendy area

If there a place in Barcelona where people brunch harder, that’s Carrer Parlament.

In fact, it’s in this street of the Catalonian capital where the word brunch was born and evolved over the years to earn its place in Barcelona’s vocabulary. The traditional neighborhood of Sant Antoni hosts the best coffee shops specialized in brunch, and reminds us of the London neighborhoods of Chelsea and Notting Hill.

A perfect place to enjoy, not only coffee, juices, toasts, scrambled eggs and some mouth-watering sandwiches, but also some time torelax and chat with friends and family.

El Poble Espanyol: a café for every taste

Precisely because the brunch is not just a meal, but a moment to share, Brunch in the city wants to spread this concept that the cozyneighborhood of Poble Espanyol shows very well. Every Sunday, from noon till the end of the day, the bars and cafés open to enjoy at full the last day of the week in a family friendly vibe.

A proposal that invite us to enjoy the best international DJs in the incomparable setting of Plaza Mayor, in the corner of Montjuïc, which certainly is the best of the appetizers.

Hotel terraces: fulfilling a whim

The Carrer Parlament is the best place to introduce someone to this tradition that has become the brunch, but for those who already know the term and like to enjoy every moment of life, there’s nothing like enjoying it from the heights on the terrace of a hotel withspectacular views of the city.

Barcelonaoffers several juicy places to fulfill this whim, but they may not be suitable for all budgets.

The parks: the most natural appetizer

In order to truly enjoy a proper brunch, it must be done at street level, in good company with a plan for thein mind. This ritual is pointless if performed at home.

Thus, another way to enjoy it in Barcelona is in one of its many parks, and so much better if done in one of those located at the higher locations of the city. Although lately, the undisputed queenof the picnics on the grass is the Ciudadela Park, where at the shade of the numerous palm trees, many locals meet halfway between the bustling historic center, the decadent charm of the Born district and the ever lively neighborhood of Barceloneta.