J. Thomas Lowry: Still My Beating Heart – Thoughts on Issues

George Bush owes his advisors a swift throttling, or a posting to Namibia.  The use of his daughters in the campaign is at best a poor decision.  A number of conservatives from the right and some from the center (those who are social conservatives) feel that exposing the twins so soon after the situations they have been involved in will alienate further those who believe Mr. Bush is dubious. Wake up Karl.

The outcry over the California Governor calling democratic lawmakers “girlie-men” is ridiculous.  Apparently, democrats, who enjoy mocking the former actor, dislike being on the receiving end.
Former Clinton aide Sandy (Satchel) Berger is in the Washington spotlight after revealing he “lost” some documents.  This serious breach of security will fire up those who believe that UFO abductions, TWA flight 800, and JFK are vast conspiracies.  In reality, Berger will get away with it, whereas if this were a midlevel government official, the punishment would be swift.

The French, who last week surrendered en masse to a group of Bird Watchers, mistaking them for German soldiers, this week spat on cycling legend Lance Armstrong.  Armstrong, who apparently wins these events on a yearly basis, is set to break the record for most wins. The French, who this week are surrendering to Rhode Island, suffer from a severe case of idiocy.

The past two weeks in the senate were a catastrophe.  Bill Frist is not the majority leader the Republicans need.  His leadership is in question among many loyalists, as well as commentators, including Bob Novak.
Mike Pence of Indiana is calling on the Republican Party to put a conservative speaker on the dais for the convention.  If not, expect many conservatives to come out against the President after the convention.